Corporate Wellness

Improve Worker Productivity and Health

  • 1. Prevent Job Burnout

    2. Increase cognitive abilities such as creativity and empathy

    3. Improve Employee Productivity, Culture, and Health

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  • Prevent Job Burnout


    Increase cognitive abilities such as creativity and empathy

  • Improve Employee Productivity, Culture, and Health

We improve productivity and health with cutting edge scientifically based software solutions

Sleeping less than 6 hours a night is one of the best predictors of on-the-job burnout. Workers are more likely to be sick and miss work when they aren’t getting enough sleep . Sleep deprivation costs American Companies ~63.2 billion a year in lost productivity. When workers are sleep deprived they are less likely to work well together. Some studies suggest that lost productivity to poor sleep costing ~$2,500 per employee.

Sleep issues don’t only affect the individual but have a huge compounded impact on the workplace. We help companies improve their worker productivity and worker satisfaction with simple web apps and cutting edge software that includes wearable device technology. Workplace effectiveness is usually not just about putting in long hours. People need to be well rested to be at their best when they work. Our workshop offering will turn your company into a mean, lean, productivity machine. Not to mention, your employees will be happier and healthier, with reduced healthcare costs.

The workplace offering includes customized sleep consulting for your company, and/or a lecture on sleep with a emphasis on the sleep issues that the company is facing.

Before the workshop we ask that everyone complete our survey so we get sense of the workplace sleep environment. We first go over the basics of sleep, then we integrate the survey and unique work culture into our session. Finally, we discuss how to improve the workplace and home environment to promote sleep health and productivity. The offering can also include personal coaching sessions and group work with your employees where we help them address their unique sleep issues and optimize their schedules.




    Make less reckless decisions, work faster and smarter, improved attention, memory and critical thinking, fewer workplace errors.


    Less sick days, less anxiety, stress, depression, and manic episodes. Improved creativity and focus.


     Increased empathy, workplace humor, communication between groups and better conflict resolution